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New X Series excavators launched by JCB

The eagerly awaited 131X, 140X and 150X excavators in the 13-16 tonne sector, aimed at ground working specialists, have been launched by JCB.


These will join the 210X and 220X which were launched last year and, like them, they are more comfortable, quieter, and productive than older models.


Tim Burnhope, the JCB Chief Innovation and Growth Officer, stated that the 13-16 tonne excavator has always been the machine of choice for groundworks and that they are, quite simply, the workhorse of the building site. For all replacement rubber tracks call GTW today.


The new command Plus Cab

The highly anticipated new Command Plus Cab has been revealed by JCB for its Loadall AgriSuper and AgriPro models. It has been 15 years since the Loadall range received a new cab design and it has been styled to resemble the classic JCB appearance. For the best possible prices on replacement JCB rubber tracks call GTW today.

Growth in Heavy Construction Equipment Market

Growing investment by governments in infrastructure projects means that the market is likely to exceed $180.66 Billion by 2021.

Earth moving has been one of the fast areas of growth during the past five years and is predicted to continue to be one of the strongest sectors as governments and private sector investors improve facilities building new roads and clearing sites. Agricultural Rubber Tracks will be in high demand as machinery needs to be kept up to standard to operate efficiently and safely.


Up to 4 years Warranty on our products

GTW uses premium rubber compounds that extend track life. We offer wide and deep tread and the lugs are designed to offer increased traction and better mud release while decreasing track cutting, ground disturbance and vibrations.

The company’s joint-less technology and one-step vulcanisation of the tread bars, drive lugs and track carcass results in increased adhesion strength and minimises tearing on the bars/lugs.
We offer an improved heavy-duty, 4-layer internal cable system to reduce punctures, abrasions and carcass distortion. The 6.5mm high-tensile main cables exceed the requirements of modern high-horsepower machinery and greatly increase tear resistance.

Increased flotation and decreased compaction allows the machine to work in wet soil conditions, while increased ground power results in lower fuel usage, lower vibration and the ability to use larger attachments.

GTW currently stocks a wide range of tracks for Case, Challenger, Caterpillar, John Deere and New Holland, with many more models currently in production. There’s a 4-year warranty on
friction-drive machines and two years on those with positive drive.

Our high quality technology at very competitive prices gives you more for your money.


Specialist Manufacturers

GTW is currently one of the largest suppliers of digger tracks in the UK. With sizes ranging from 150mm to 800mm rubber tracks, covering over 3000 different machines.

At GTW, we have full control from production to distribution of our tracks and pads. This means we are certain that our tracks are the highest quality they can be, with all the specifications and variations you could possibly require.

Our factory is always kept up to date with the latest, high-quality and efficient machinery. With the aim of expanding our manufacturing site, we hope to increase our current output by 3 times the amount.

Quality management is at the heart of the GTW process, so when we produce new tracks we use systems with high quality testing capabilities to ensure the strength and durability behind your product is finished to the highest quality.

Call GTW today for an instant quote or for advice on your digger track requirements.


New Agricultural Rubber Tracks


New in to the GTW range are heavy duty agricultural tracks, designed with extended wear life in mind.

Designed with wide and deep tread lugs, our agricultural tracks offer increased traction and better mud release. Produced with enhanced rubber compounds and extra thick main cables, the result is a strong carcass with stretch prevention. With an intelligent design, our tracks provide increased flotation and decreased compaction for wet mud and soil conditions.

Our joint-less technology and one step vulcanisation of tread bars, drive lugs and track carcass result in increased adhesion strength and minimised tearing off of the bars.

For extensive farming, lower vibrations allow the use of large attachments as well as improved ground power for lower fuel usage.

Global Track Warehouse are now producing OEM rubber tracks for a number of major manufacturers including Caterpillar, Case, John Deere and New Holland.

Contact Global Track Warehouse to find out more about our new range of agricultural tracks.


New JCB Excavator launched


JCB has added to its range of Excavators with the launch of a new Mini Excavator named 15C-1, which is the fourteenth model since the new generation range launched four years’ ago.


The JCB 15C-1 weighs in at 1.5 tonnes, and is built on the same design as the larger midi excavators. It is powered by the powerful 11.7kw engine with steel bodywork and 500 hour greasing intervals.


The new model will be aimed at the tool hire and rental markets, using a shorter undercarriage, it offers single speed tracking, and mechanical track tensioners. The 100% steel bodywork will provide maximum protection for components in the event of accidents while on site. A fully ROPS-compliant cab can also be specified, with flat glazing all round, for easy replacement. Despite its small size, the mini excavator does benefit from the latest generation cab available on larger models, which has 24% more internal space than previous JCB machines.


All the next generation mini excavators come with 10 tie down points, which make it easier to transport the machines without undue risk of damage. They offer wide opening fold-out rear doors allowing excellent service access, and the 500 hour greasing intervals will reduce downtime and operating costs. For more information on rubber tracks and excavator track replacement call GTW today.


New Models for Caterpillar


Caterpillar the Excavator manufacturer has just introduced three new models to their range of 20 ton class excavators, Cat 320 GC, Cat 320 and Cat 323. The new models boast lower maintenance and fuel costs and improved all-round operating efficiency.


The Cat 320 and 323 have the latest Cat Connect Technology which has been developed to increase operating efficiency by as much as 45% over traditional grading operations. Operators can use the 2D system to work accurately and quickly to achieve the necessary grade, and can work more safely around traffic and below buildings or structures.


The new models have improved fuel consumption of up to 25% with reduced maintenance costs of around 15%, for more information on Excavator track replacement call GTW Europe.


The best time to replace your used Rubber tracks is not when they break on you, causing damage and/or injury. You should check the condition and tension in your rubber tracks every few days and if signs of wear are found then they should be replaced immediately.


It is best to look out for the following as a guide to replacement:

Cracks appearing on the tracks
Cracks will appear over time especially when used daily on rough terrain, try to keep them parked out of direct sunlight


Sprockets skipping on the lugs
The sprocket will skip over lugs or in the worst cases derail if the track is loose. It may sound like two gears engaging at once or the gears are slipping.


Your tracks keep losing tension
Rubber tracks will suffer loss of tension over time, through wear, the sun’s heat, the idler gear extending too far and the track tensioner wearing. A good way to check for lack of tension on your tracks, is by lifting the track frame up to see if there is sag between the track roller and the top of the tracking lug.


See if any lugs are missing
On Rubber excavator tracks in particular, the lugs can come out of the Excavator track, if it has any debris caught in the undercarriage or if worn sprockets are constantly slipping against them